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Summary Writing Tools You Can Use for Dissertation Writing

There are several aspects of writing a dissertation . One of the most important aspects is writing a summary. The summary of a dissertation is a concise recap of your research work. But you should make sure that it is shorter than your actual research work. You don’t have to see more sources, or analyse them for summary writing purposes. You should not copy exact text from different sections of your dissertation either. This is because you can write down important points from each section and later on, include them within your summary. In the modern times, students can use several summary writing tools for dissertation writing. They can create a summary of either the whole dissertation, or a specific portion. These tools will also summarise the dissertation with similar terms, and phrases. In this context, there are several summary writing tools that you can use for your dissertation. This article aims to discuss a few summary writing tools that you can use. So let’s discuss them in de