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There are several aspects of writing a dissertation. One of the most important aspects is writing a summary. The summary of a dissertation is a concise recap of your research work. But you should make sure that it is shorter than your actual research work. You don’t have to see more sources, or analyse them for summary writing purposes. You should not copy exact text from different sections of your dissertation either. This is because you can write down important points from each section and later on, include them within your summary.

In the modern times, students can use several summary writing tools for dissertation writing. They can create a summary of either the whole dissertation, or a specific portion. These tools will also summarise the dissertation with similar terms, and phrases. In this context, there are several summary writing tools that you can use for your dissertation. This article aims to discuss a few summary writing tools that you can use. So let’s discuss them in detail;


This is one of the best summary writing tools you can use for your dissertation. Nowadays, students, teachers, and scholars are using this tool for their research work. In this tool, you can create a summary through the usage of different filters. You can use these filters for key topics, sections, and ideas. There are two different ways that can help you in creating a summary through this tool. First, you can copy and paste the whole text into this tool. Second, you can use the extension of this tool for creating a summary. It is a simple, and user-friendly tool that will help you summarise the text in no time. You can avail its free version, or upgrade it for 4.90 € per month as well.


It is another important online summary writing tool that will help you in the creation of a summary. At first, it will break down your text into different sections. Later on, it will access key points after making a brief assessment of your text. Apart from creating a summary, it will help you to in the extraction of both figures, and references. This summary writing tool is unique, and different from the other tools. The reason for such distinction is that this tool follows arguments and spread-read content. Later on, it will use these points for creating a summary. Apart from the highlighted aspects, this tool uses Scholarcy Library that comes with a fee.


QuillBot is another online summary writing tool that will create a summary of the text. It will create a summary of different, and important parts of your dissertation. This tool uses AI-based algorithms for creating a summary. These algorithms will select the most important points from your text. This way, said online summary writing tool will ensure originality factor of the summary. It will give you several options for creating a summary as well. You can create a summary in bullet points, paragraphs, or condensed documents through this tool. AI-based algorithms will use Natural Language Processing for considering important information. This way, it ensures the originality of your text.

Text Compactor:

It is another important tool that will create a summary after setting the percentage of text. You can set any percentage from 1 to 100 for creating a summary of the whole dissertation, or any part of it. You can keep changing the percentage in this summary writing tool. But you should make sure to create a summary of fewer than 500 words. If this limit exceeds, it will create the summary through complicated sentences. During the creation of summary, it will analyse each sentence and word. This way, it will set a frequency for each sentence and word as well. If any sentence has the highest frequency, it means that its important. So it will only consider those sentences for creating a summary.

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Split Brain Summary Tool:

This summary writing tool has an amazing, and unique feature. It will help you in creating a summary of your document through the facility of thirty-nine different languages. This tool also allows you to insert a link of your document for creating a summary. Again, you can create a summary after controlling the summarization ratio. You can change it from 5 percent to 80 percent. But this amazing tool lacks one most important thing. It will not allow you to import summary files in the form of a document, or PDF file.

Writing a summary of your document is one of the most important tasks. You can use different online summary writing tools. These tools will help you for creating a summary in no time. This article discussed the top five summary writing tools. You can use any of these for creating a summary of your dissertation.


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