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Difference between Formal Essay and Informal Essay

Formal essays are argumentative or persuasive. Formal essay writing encompasses articles, dissertations or thesis. Francis Bacon defined formal essays as impersonal, objective, compressed and wholly serious Essay writing starts from high school, and essays are mandatory for some courses at the university level. The formal essay has become more varied in subject matter and style in the present times. Informal essay writing is more personal with a bit of humour as well. Informal essays are also called familiar or personal essays. Informal essays can be about anything for reflection and opinions for pleasure and enjoyment. It does not entail that they are not informative or persuasive at all. But the structure and tone of an informal essay are less rigid than a formal essay. Many people do not distinguish between a formal essay and an informal essay and hire affordable essay writing services to get help from them. This article aims to differentiate between formal and informal essays. Thi